We would like to thank everyone for their support and donations to our food bank this month and upcoming months.

Thank You:
-Huestis Insurance Group for their financial support.
– Blackville Village Office for Gift cards to Blackville FoodLand.
– United Way for their financial support.
– Roussel Toyota for their Financial Donation
– Erik Walls for the donation of potatoes.
– FDA for all the work they are doing on our behalf.
– McCains, JD Irving and McKenna Foundation for their donations and financial support.
Thank you to our essential workers for all they are doing.

Thank you Angels to Angels for your generous support.

Thank you to Connors Stilwell for financially sponsoring our attendance to the Food Banks Canada National conference in Halifax.

Thank you to Hershey and Food Banks Canada for providing GBRC with funding to implement the Food Explorer Program, an education and skills-building program for children.

Rev. Albertine Le Blanc; Founder and President of the GBRC would like to say “Thank You” for supporting your local Food Bank through the giving of your time, food donations and financial support.

  1. Hershey and Food Banks Canada for supporting the Food Explorers Program (2019)
  2. Sobeys Recovery Program
  3. Valufoods for ongoing donations.
  4. The Blackville Fire Department 50/50 draw in December 2018.
  5. Local community for donations of non perishable food items.
  6. Thank you to all of our volunteers who give endlessly of their time to serve others.
GBRC volunteers who manage the thrift store and food bank.

GBRC volunteers who manage the thrift store and food bank.

2018/19 Board of Directors

GBRC is run by a board of directors and a small group of dedicated volunteers.
Founder & President: Rev. Albertine Le Blanc
Co-Founder: John LeBlanc
Vice President: Andy Hawkes
Treasurer: Pastor Paul Inman
Secretary: David Nordin
Directors: Fr. Gerry Laskey, Stacy Underhill, Denise Connors

A special Thank You to our faithful volunteers past and present:

  • Sandra Cooper
  • Lorraine Cortes
  • Doris Coughlan
  • Lou Curtis
  • Matthew Downey
  • Elizabeth Keenan
  • Brett Jardine
  • Darlene Jardine
  • Myrna Jardine
  • Silas Jardine
  • Chelsey Le Blanc
  • Siobhan Laskey
  • Ken MacIntosh
  • Gail Mullin
  • Lori Peterson
  • Penny Siddall
  • Doreen Stewart
  • David Nordin
  • Joy Nordin
  • Lorraine Underhill
  • Stacy Underhill
  • David Vickers
  • Lois Vickers
  • Roland Walls
GBRC Volunteer Christmas Party

GBRC Volunteer Christmas Party


  • Ken & Judy Barker
  • Brent Bishop
  • B. Brophy
  • Murdock Burns
  • Leonard Byrenton
  • Christian Connors
  • Begton Coughlan
  • Linda Coughlan
  • Joan Coughlan
  • Margaret Craig
  • David DeRoche
  • Brad Donovan
  • Mrs. Erdie
  • Eldon & Vera Gillespie
  • Bobby Hallihan
  • Lois Hare
  • Evelyn Hartling
  • Colleen Hallihan
  • Robert G. Hallihan
  • Connie Hambrook
  • David Hambrook
  • Sterling Hambrook
  • Mayor, Andrew Hawks
  • Chester Jablonski
  • Daphne Jardine
  • David Jardine
  • Geraldine Kennedy
  • Ted Lynch
  • Mike McLaughlin
  • Curtis McCully
  • Anne-Marie O’Hearn
  • Lacey LeBlanc
  • Nancy Stephens
  • P. Stephens
  • Myles Sullivan
  • Richard Sullivan
  • Myles Sullivan
  • Zachary Taylor
  • Diana Underhill
  • Sally Underhill
  • Shirley Underhill
  • Sharon Wilson


  • A.C.W.
  • Blackville Credit Union Day Donations
  • Blackville Credit Union
  • Blackville Home Hardware
  • Blackville High School Students
  • Blackville RCMP
  • Blackville Teachers
  • Blackville Village Office
  • Blackville Seniors
  • Blackville Women’s Institute
  • Bell Aliant
  • Compass Group Canada, Bayer Inc. & Food Banks Canada for Community Garden Grant
  • Connors Stilwell
  • Derby Parish Senior Citizens
  • Food Banks Canada
  • Georgina Foundation
  • Kraft Foundation Capacity Building Grant
  • Kraft Heinz Foundation
  • Knights of Columbus
  • NBAFB – Food Director – Greg Doucet
  • Oromocto Food Bank
  • Periwinkle Daycare
  • RCL Branch 49
  • Roussel Toyota
  • Telus
  • Towne Mazda
  • Trio Pizza Food Drive
  • Valufoods 50/50 Draw
  • Walmart Capacity Boost Grant
  • Girlguides participating in our Food Explorer Program
  • Walmart Foundation
  • Alcohol Foundation
  • Sobeys


  • Derby United Church
  • Hillside Baptist Church, Blackville
  • Holy Trinity Anglican Church Women, Blackville
  • St. Agnes Anglican Church, Gray Rapids
  • St. Andrew’s United Church of Canada, Blackville
  • St. Raphael’s Roman Catholic Church, Blackville
  • Upper Blackville United Baptist Church
  • Voice of Hope Ministries Inc.

Community Garden

We would like to thank Food Banks Canada, Compass Group Canada and Bayer Inc. for supporting our Community Garden.

We would also like to thank all the volunteers that helped make the community garden happen:

Ashley Underhill for top soil, Hughie Hallihan for gravel, Byron John Connors for manure, Martin Arbeau for driving the tractor, John LeBlanc for lending his tractor, Karen and Paul Arbeau for hauling peat moss from town, driving tractor, assembling boxes and filling boxes with everything and Greg Doucette for building, assembling and filling the boxes, lending truck to haul the gravel and driving the tractor.

Click an image to enlarge.

Thank you Kraft Heinz Foundation and Food Banks Canada for making the Crock Pot Classes possible.

Thank You FBC and Walmart for the Capacity Building grant allowing us to purchase a van for food recovery.