Food Bank

We are pleased to be registered members of the New Brunswick food Depot Alimentaire(NBFDA). They have been instrumental in securing food and funds for our rural food bank providing door to door delivery. We appreciate the level of integrity, transparency & accountable they provide our members. We serve the communities of Howard, Upper Blackville, Blackville, Cains River, Gray Rapids / White Rapids, Barnettville, Smiths Crossing, Renous, Quarryville, Pineville, Lockstead and Arbeau Settlement.

Clients will have access to the food bank every Wednesday by appointment only from 10 to 12.
Also clients will still be served only once a month.
We will still be open the 3rd Wednesday and Thursday of every month for those that can keep their regular appointment.
New clients are asked to call ahead to register and let us know you are coming. This ensures we have a food box ready for you. Call 843-9024.

The food bank, which is by far our largest project, receive little financial support from any level of government.

Donation from Healthy & Inclusive Communities presented by MLA Jake Stewart.

The majority of our revenue comes from our own fundraising and donations from the local community and business, and sales at the thrift store.

Money raised at the thrift store is used to buy food for the food bank. We also receive donations of food from the community, local businesses, and larger corporations through the NB Food Sharing Program.

Aug 2018/ July 2019 Statistics:
The food bank has 159 clients (103 households) registered as of July 2019. 46 of which are children. We distributed 433 food baskets between Aug 2018 and July 2019.

Please visit our Thank You page for a list of all who have generously given their time and financial support to the food bank.  Click here.


Thank you Telus, for the generous donation of $10,000 in 2017 to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables.

Food Donations Most Needed


  • fresh vegetables especially potatoes, carrots and fruit can be used the week of food box distribution which is the third Wednesday of each month.
  • Milk and bread are also accepted (can be frozen).


  • canned meat and tuna
  • canned beans, fruits and vegetables
  • canned milk
  • peanut butter, jam, tomato sauce


  • frozen meat, fish, poultry, hamburger

Dry Goods

  • cereal, pasta, rice, flour, granola bars